Windmill And Sea Beach kutubdia Island

Windmill And Sea Beach kutubdia Island,
Windmill And Sea Beach kutubdia Island Kutubdia Island is located under cox’s bazaar district. It is one of the thanas of cox’s bazaar. Kutubdia Island is famous for its light house and the magnificent beauty of sea shore though it is very small in size; it has the ability to lead all the huge land by its Natural Beauty. The kutubdia beach is very attractive and It is no way less attractive than Cox's Bazr Sea Beach. The scenery of Sun-set and Sun-rise are obviously stunning for all natural beauty lovers. The unimaginative way of producing Salt is very interesting to the visitors. There are windmills beside the shore which may also be a point of attraction for the tourists. Kutubdia is covered with an area of 271 sq km., 90 km distance from cox’s bazaar district by road. It is bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the north, west and south. The thana was established in 1917 and was turned into an upazilla in 1983. There is a memorial for the martyrs of the liberation war which is located is ghatkul in kutubdia, it is also a worth seeing place. One of the main attraction of kutubdia is it is having many ancient mosques and tombs. Yusef Ali Miaji Masjid, Kalarma Masjid, Ek Hatia Fakirer Masjid, Maharaja Kazir Masjid, Tomb of Qutb Awliya is some of them. They all are beautiful and worth seeing place. For the visitors in kutubdia , it will take approximately 2 hours time to reach to the island by bus , and the fair will be cheap , fairly 100-120 taka . But the beach is empty and almost there will be no good facility for foods. So, I suggest packed foods and dry foods. There are many local bazaars in kutubdia , so water and sanitation will not be a problem , but there is no good hotel to stay at night there . So arrangement had to be made like this.At last, we can say that, it is one of the best but ignored beaches of Bangladesh. You can anytime visit to kutubdia.
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