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Nostalgic for Nokia? You’re in luck.

Nostalgic for Nokia? You’re in luck.

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The iconic Nokia 3310 mobile phone is set to return this summer, nearly 17 years after it first launched. HMD Global, the Finland-based company with exclusive rights to market the Nokia brand, announced the upcoming release at the Mobile World Congress on Sunday.AliExpress

This is the first time since selling its mobile manufacturing business to Microsoft in 2014 thatNokia is making a major push into the mobile phone market. Over the past few years, it has been focused mainly on mobile networks. Microsoft later sold its feature phone assets to Foxconn Technology Group and HMD Global in May 2016.AliExpress

The Nokia 3310 is one the of the world’s best-selling mobile phones, with 126 million units sold since 2000. It is known for its durability, long battery life and, of course, the Snake game. All of these features will be available on the revamped version, which will retail for €49 ($54.21), but it will be slimmer and include a color screen and a camera.AliExpress

Another feature from the original 3310 that HMD decided to keep was the old band frequencies, which were used for 2G communications. Those frequencies have been switched off in countries like the US, Canada and Australia, unfortunately making the new 3310 unusable there.

Still, the news about the re-introduction was met with excitement from Nokia fans who remember the Finnish firm’s glory days as the world’s leading mobile manufacturer. Due to its failure to compete in the smartphone market, however, Nokia’s market share has declined drastically over the past 10 years.

According to Counterpoint Technology Market Research, Nokia no longer ranks among the top five mobile phone brands across most of the world. In the Middle East and Africa and Europe it came in fourth and fifth place, respectively, accounting for roughly 6% of mobile phone shipments in Q3 2016. This was far behind the leading brand, Samsung.

Galaxy S: Smart Phones with Superior Speed

Nokia,Galaxy S,Nokia,Microsoft,Nokia 3310,Nokia mobile,Samsung,Galaxy,Galaxy S,smart phones,samsung mobile,knowledge,Nokia,Galaxy S, নকিয়া, গ্যালাক্সি এস

Samsung Galaxy S AMOLED screen display


One of the most important parts of a smart phone is its processor, which is responsible for running all those cool applications lesser phones can’t handle. A good one handles a multitude of functions without sacrificing speed. New phones like the Samsung Galaxy S series offer powerful processors with never-before-seen speeds. Read on to learn why a fast processor matters.

Discover a More Efficient Design

A smartphone is a small computer. Some computers have a CPU for running applications, while other functions like display and sound are handled by separate chips. In modern smart phones all those functions are handled by one, dramatically improving speed.AliExpress

Since smart phones have power-hungry features, like bright screens and intense graphics, saving power wherever possible is important. Today’s smart phone processors can automatically turn off idle features to conserve power.

Experience Intense SpeedAliExpress

Do you get frustrated when your phone stalls between programmes or while you’re scrolling across the page? Is something as simple as searching through photos or contacts taking longer than it should? The chips in most of the smart phones on the market today eliminate those issues with fast processor speeds.

They run at speeds of 500 or 600 MHz, with some of the latest phones boasting 1 GHz processors. Currently, the fastest available is the Samsung Galaxy S, with a 1 GHz Hummingbird processor. It can process 90 million triangles per second, compared to a Snapdragon processor which processes only 30 million per second. More triangles mean better image quality and much better frame rate—all in all, smoother, more realistic, more detailed graphics. Pair it with 8GB or 16GB of memory and its speed is unstoppable. With practically no waiting involved you can flip through menus, scroll through contacts, and surf the web with extreme ease.AliExpress

Enjoy Blazing-Fast Multimedia

More and more smart phone makers offer a video and web experience similar to that of PCs. Because of that, the number of people that play mobile games on their smart phones has grown substantially.

For serious gaming enthusiasts, speed is everything. With a fast CPU like the one in the Samsung Galaxy S you’ll experience virtually no lag time, fast, and fluid motion along with ultra-realistic 3D graphics and intense colour. Uploading and downloading movies is also faster, and watching them is breathtaking thanks to incredibly smooth playback.AliExpress

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