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What exactly makes a great smartwatch? Is it size? Is design? Is it features? Is it cellular connectivity? 

The answer's going to be very different for everyone. While Apple thinks cellular is the key to transforming the Apple Watch from good to great, Samsung's betting big on fitness tracking with its latest smartwatch, the Gear Sport. 

But is it better than an Apple Watch? And does it even matter?

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Priced at $299.99, Samsung's Gear Sport slots in-between the Gear S2 Sport/Classic and Gear S3 Classic/Frontier. That's less than an Apple Watch Series 3 without cellular connectivity, which costs $329.

But don't let the $30 difference deceive you. Buying a smartwatch is trickier than it looks and ultimately depends on what kind of phone you own. It's a lousy reality, but it's true: Smartwatches are designed to work better with certain smartphones.

The Gear Sport runs the beautiful Tizen OS custom-made for round displays.

The Gear Sport runs the beautiful Tizen OS custom-made for round displays.


It really comes down to this: If you're using an iPhone, get an Apple Watch. If you're using Android, you're looking for an Android Wear smartwatch. And if you're using Samsung — well, Android Wear will work just fine, but Samsung's own Gear smartwatches work better.

Of course, Android Wear does work with iOS. But it's really crappy. Like horribly crappy. And Samsung's Gear smartwatches also work with iOS, but like Android Wear, you're getting a gimped wearable experience because Apple doesn't let you do things like compose text messages or reply to received ones.

But if you're less concerned about the smartwatch features and robust fitness-tracking features are a top priority, the Gear Sport's worth considering even if you don't use a Samsung phone.

Just the right size

Having tried dozens of smartwatches over the years, I've come to realization that there is no perfect size for smartwatches. I can only comment on what feels right for me.

For me, 42mm seems to be the most adequate size for the watch case. Any smaller and the smartwatch's screen is too small and any larger and I feel like the whole thing's weighing my wrist down.

So I'm really glad the Gear Sport comes with a 42mm case with a 1.2-inch round Super AMOLED display that's sharp and easy to read in all situations. At first the Sport seemed a tad thick at 11.6mm, but it's only a hair thicker than the 11.4mm Apple Watch Series 3. 

Samsung's made a really handsome smartwatch.

Samsung's made a really handsome smartwatch.


While extremely bulky watches are a concern (though, I'm a hypocrite because I sometimes wear a Casio G-Shock), comfort is arguably more important. Whereas I've never worn my Apple Watch to sleep, I didn't mind going to bed with the Sport on. The always-on screen displayed the clock at all times and not in any blinding way.

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