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I Am Md.Yousuf Akther Chowdhury

I am a blogger and I have a YouTube channel that #Kidschannelyena And #EASYHANDICRAFTs. You can find my channel link somewhere in this blog.
A humanitarian and continuous optimist. A birth and raised emotions, laptops and nothing more than a dream.As long as I can remember,I am constantly worried abouthuman potential. I wanted to know, is man really happy,successful and creatively fulfilled? Why do some people struggle, when others face the most challenging situation, how can theysucceed ? I was very enthusiastic about some unexpected things: writing, hip-hop, psychology,entrepreneur, creativity, spirituality, fitness and humanitarianism, just a few numbers After trying to select one thing in the many failed attempts of corporate work and passing a lot of things, I did not have a liability, an energy, that was my unusual combination of interests and skills. Every day I am learning new things and expanding my own ideas which means to live a whole creative and meaningful life? .I serve you here I serve. A life that is a kind, unique and nicely suited for you.I am not a sage from the stage and I do not have all the answers. I am wrong, sneeze and silence in fear and confidence, As in the rest of mankind, In part.But my commitment is that I have come alive and the best thing to learn, and I keep it as real and just.So please do not expect the perfect polish (I have said very clearly) but hope to have a continuous devotion to help you think about your thoughts, uninterrupted wisdom, some harmful antics and your most comprehensive, evocative and meaningful life. If you've read this far, thank you. I hope it will be at the beginning of our relationship. And, I want to know more about you. Just your name and email. I am not very active on social media, thank you very much. I'm satisfied we're connected and I'm excited for traveling ahead.
With all my Love,


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